Architectural competition: Mendoza Art District (MAD project), Restaurant, Meeting Place and Art piece projects in Argentina, August 2013

Architectural competition: Mendoza Art District (MAD project) in Argentina August 2013. (
Restaurant, Meeting Place and Art piece projects
Architect Designer (Team leader): Shahrzad Orouji
Artist and sculptor: Farhad Orouji
Architect (Graphic): Caroline Fuchs
Rendering: Maurizio Toccafondi

The new design paradigm arises from the earth
The architectural form, harmonious and integrated with the context, comes from the concept of fluidity and dynamism of surfaces, which arise from the earth and are transformed. They create a simple and iconic shape. Which is part of the landscape, until they merge with it and with the environment surrounding. Just like a natural element, the project rises from the earth and finally turns back to refund itself with the earth. This architectural form has the fluidity of water and the lightness of the wind. This form constituted by a wavy surface smooth on the top but open and free to the sides, which allows light and heat, the fundamental elements for life, to penetrate to inside. The transparency is a strong element of the project that allows creating a bright space embracing the sunlight. At the same time, the project becomes inseparable from the territory itself. An icon, which is part of the landscape and at the same time of the city of Mendoza. The reference at the base of organization of architectural spaces inside and outside are abstract interpretations of the natural elements of the vineyards.
Sustainability concept: The sustainability concept of the project is a natural consequence of the design choices. In both projects, Restaurant and Meeting Place, all areas are designed to have natural lighting and ventilation. Architectural spaces and green spaces are perfectly integrated. It is expected the use of local raw materials, as much as possible with low environmental impact. The soil excavation can be reused for modeling the hilly part of the project. Furthermore the complex is designed to have the lowest possible energy consumption.
Meeting Place
The project of the Meeting Place has been designed with the same concept of transparency, fluidity and dynamism that are the basis of the Restaurant’s project. Even in the architectural form, some key elements are present in both project. The void space, created in the design of the Restaurant, is the final element that defines the spaces and the internal volumes; this is also the void volume of the starting point of the project of the Meeting Place, around which are created and developed the architectural spaces. This the common thread that unites and links inextricably the two projects. Both of them are the result of the same basis. In the Meeting Place’s project, this empty element is at the center of a box shaped casing and it divides the volume into two distinct parts. In this way, as required by terms and conditions of the competition, it is possible to realize the project in two separate phases.