Architectural competition: Symbolic World Cup Structure, in Rio de Janeiro/ Brazil, July 2013

Architectural competition: Symbolic World Cup Structure, in Rio de Janeiro/Brazil, July 2013.
Architect Designer (Team leader): Shahrzad Orouji
Architect: Simone Mocali
Architect (Graphic): Caroline Fuchs
Rendering: Maurizio Toccafondi

Symbolic World Cup Structure
The design of the Symbolic World Cup Structure serves two functions at the same time: 1- It provides the facilities that will be used by visitors during the World Cup; 2- It offers to the public of Rio a large recreational park and urban plaza.
The result is therefore an integrative project where architecture and structure work together in a harmonic way. The aim was to create a public place that can be used not only as a world cup structure, but also moreover as a green cell in the city Rio. Its unique design of a roof park elevating high above the city, becomes a clearly recognizable landmark. The undulating shape of the roof is inspired by the beauty of sea waves. The smooth undulation of the roof park also allows that it can be easily accessed by pedestrians directly both from the street in the north and from the south side. The park is an undulated landscape with soft vegetal surfaces. The park invites with its multiple features to activities such as kids playing, family picnicking, walking, sitting, talking and socializing. All areas meet the disabled access standard due to the multi-access project strategy. The building is a landscaped roof of approximately 110x35m, rising in an unequal manner to the maximum high of 10.90m.